Managing resources other than reading materials?

The Navy have several libraries, which use for managing their books and serials. After a period of usage the Navy realised that they could use for managing lots of other items. We can not say exactly what is in some of the more recent catalogues implemented, but the Navy have proved that makes for a powerful tool where staff can easily find items in catalogues and use those catalogue items for the appropriate purpose. The reason for using was simply the quality and simplicity of the online website they could make available to staff. Other tools would have cost much much more in time and effort to support.

Integration with the Single-Sign On system from Okta goes live supports a variety of single sign on mechanisms including Active Directory. ANS is pleased to announce integration with the Okta Single-Sign On (SSO).. A user's user name, password and other login details can be validated by Okta to protect access to the client are of a online website. has gone live using Okta with one of the largest international organisations in the world (unfortunately our NDA prevents us from naming them).

If a user has already logged into Okta with another application, will know who they are and the client will not have to login again.

This means that organisations utilising the Okta SSO system can now login using their web browser using the Okta web services.

Okta is widely used by organisations who require secure authentication as well a SSO. If a user has already logged into Okta with another application, will know who they are and the client will not have to login again. Okta is of particular interest to organisation who have multiple domain and Active Directory hubs, but want to rationalise the SSO across their entroe organisation. Okta is very relevant to International organisations, local authorities, government and the health care sector.

Multiple images may now accompany your catalogue records to add colour

To attract users to view the catalogue records of books, it is standard practice to display book covers. Book covers add colour and interest to web pages and engage readers. now supports multiple images. This means that you can upload book covers or use book covers from Amazon or another content enhancer, but also upload images.

This feature means that you can now easily catalogue rooms, toys, events, art, photography, jewellery ... with many more visual images. If your users want to book a meeting room, will they really be happy to do so with just one image. With a few clicks on your mobile phone you can upload multiple images into your room catalogue. You will be amazed how your rooms suddenly have 100% usage and the income from room bookings is significant.