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Web Jet

  • Complete web based library management system

    Complete web based library management system is a fully featured library management system, which is suitable for :
    organisations of any size.
    collections of any size.
    items of any type including:books, periodicals, ebooks, ejournals, art, music, video, news, events, discussions, assets, equipment, room bookings, blogs, RSS feeds, websites, digital assets, documents and more ...

  • includes power searching

    Find Items Fast! includes power searching by:
    Keyword, Phrase, Exact, Nearest, Intellisense, Star-rating
    Soundex, Tags, Taxonomies, Item type, Dates, Boolean
    Document content, Reading lists, Partial word, Stored searches, 'See and See Also', Federated Z39.50

  • A Personalised Solution

    A Personalised Solution

    Design your own OPAC to catch the eye of your users OR choose from one of our engaging OPAC styles. is packed full of OPAC configuration options:
    find information fast with search options
    reserve items, renew items, request items
    review items, tag items, purchase items, sell items
    print items, email items
    favourite searches, favourite items, special interests, messages and more ...

  • Information at your finger tips

    Information at your finger tips has comprehensive reporting facilities for:
    management information to give you greater control
    usage statistics to decide how to grow the library
    email for low cost sending of notices
    SMS integration for mobile users
    creation of electronic files in many formats e.g. MARC, XML, Excel and Word formats
    It is so easy to create your own report templates!
    Add your own colours, fonts, images and branding to add that wow factor!

  • Get Support Using The Internet

    Get Support Using The Internet

    The configuration of the system is controlled by a web browser based configuration module, called the supervisor module. Using the supervisor module you can:
    Reconfigure what features you want
    Get online help from our support staff
    Ask our support staff to reconfigure your library management system without incurring onsite consultancy fees.
    The supervisor module comes with clear instructions, but you can always call us up if you have any queries.


Government Libraries

Our clients with libraries in the government sectors have pointed out the following features as deriving the most benefit:
Easy to use - is intuitive and requires little training
Complies with highest library standards in library management.
Fast cataloguing using Z39.50 enables high standards of cataloguing to be maintained.
MARC import facilities are fast and efficient.
Good periodicals management saves a significant amount of time by automating tasks such as subscriptions, circulation lists, renewals and claims.

Government Library

Full document content searches allow the rapid retrieval of items containing specified keywords. This can be combined with bibliographic searches to save hours of time which would otherwise be spent finding an appropriate procurement notice, paper or document.
Security options allow for sensitive information to be accessible only by authorised parties.
Compliance with government security standards.
Configuration options can restrict access to users sitting at specific workstations.
Biometrics authhentication can bbe connfigured.
Easy check-in and check-out.
Comprehensive acquisitions module allows for efficient commissioning and payment.
Budgetting solution saves time and provides up-to-date figures on actuals, commitments and budgets on tap.
Extended use of powerful eMail facilities saves money.
Processing bulk requests for items by researchers with tight deadlines is much appreciated.
Date search facilities can greatly reduce searches to recent publications and focus researchers on up-to-date information.
Mass mailing facilities allow rapid communication with big audiences with little effort.
Publication of news, events and discussions are popular and widely valued.
Publication of meeting reports and priorities on to OPACs has proved cost-effective.
Web pages cater for staff with visual disabilities.
The electronic survey option allows target audiences to identify gaps in services.
Weighted surveys help health organisations determine priorities.
The results of electronic surveys are presented in graphical format, which are elegant and conclusive.

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