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Law Library Software

Does you law library provide great search and integration with your other applications: provides an unrivalled search capability so that your legal staff can find what they want easily and quickly in a fully branded website which emphasises the different specialties you offer. A library can manage books, periodicals, documents and electronic resources such as local intellectual property and case precedents to offer a truly unique solution.

ANS are authors of case management systems and ‘bundlemakers’ for use by law firms. ANS has unique expertise in building and implementing labour-saving solutions for legal practices.

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and fast search including both document and bibliographic searches
  • Caters for legal taxonomies ( need image )
  • Produces branded online website to promote your legal practice
  • Z39.50 connectivity to any major library in the world
  • Comprehensive periodicals management
  • Can integrate with content and knowledge management solutions
  • 35 years of Migration expertise
  • Responsive Support desk