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Applied Network Solutions ( also trading as "Amlib UK" and "247lib.com"): About Us…

Applied Network Solutions Limited (ANS) has been developing software for over 30 years and brought the first SQL databases to the UK. As the experts in SQL databases running on PCs, ANS swiftly gained a reputation for an ability to deliver and support complex solutions within very tight budgets.

ANS credits include the first web browser electronic patient record system for managing oncology in hospitals and the Refugee Information Processing System (RIPS) for processing refugees. ANS still hosts oncology records today and RIPS has processed more than 500,000 refugees to provide them with a home.

15 years ago the original authors of the Amlib library management system, Infovision, approached the author of ORACLE for help. He was busy, but he generously recommended ANS, so InfoVision approached ANS for some technical assistance in supporting and developing their Amlib software for the UK and Europe.

An Agreement was reached and skilled librarians were transferred to ANS to train up a UK based support and development centre for Amlib.

ANS started Amlib UK Limited as a separate company to promote the Amlib brand.

ANS became experts in library management and were retained by OCLC Inc., when they purchased Amlib to provide support for Amlib clients.

After ANS were released from their contract with OCLC, ANS were free to develop and sell their own library software. 247lib.com was born out of of 10 years working closely with librarians and listening to their needs.

With an extensive background in developing many other applications, ANS has been able to introduce new working practices and services into libraries, because with large collections of fast tried and tested code, ANS can deliver innovation faster than any other supplier. 

The 247lib.com library management system provides leading cutting edge technology for libraries around the world and was designed to allow librarians to operate across borders in multiple languages. We are committed to developing our library software for the benefit of librarians, not software technicians on a global scale.

Some of our clients are international schools and international organisations, who share our global perspective, but we are equally focussed on the special needs of libraries local to the UK. With all our development and support staff based in the UK, we can provide the best support service for local libraries.

247lib.com was designed to allow librarians to manage their library with a web browser so that operational IT costs are greatly reduced. ( A MS-Windows offline module is available for public libraries to cater for a network outage). ANS 

ANS works closely with our users to maintain high levels of user interface and library software that integrates with their library and their library management practices.

With a flat management structure, ANS can make decisions quickly and any bright ideas coming from our clients are implemented swiftly and cleanly in days rather than weeks. Noone can deliver a library management system tailored to your requirements faster and at a lower cost. 

ANS embraces open source. So 247lib.com is available as free source. The reality is that open source is very good for very bespoke library solutions, which would not benefit from future upgrades. Most clients will get a solution with lower total costs by buying a product, for which the costs of development are shared between a large community of users. Upgrading an open source implementation is expensive with high consultancy fees of more than £ 750 per day, so we recommend our open source solution only when a bespoke spolution is absolutely necessary and the client has the skills to manage the open source. 

The 247lib.com library system is used by many types of users. Our clients choose us because we listen to their requirements, adapted our system and delivered on time...This is our procedure for all our clients.

Coming from a software house background, ANS is skilled at migrating information from one system to the next. This means that whatever system our clients have, we can migrate their information faster, more reliably, more safely and at a lower cost.

We believe in honest business practice. That maxim runs through the company and its staff. We are committed to investing in our library software, our people and our clients.

When purchasing a library management system, dealing with a straightforward and truthful company, like ANS, makes the software implementation and the ongoing years of support, a foregone successful conclusion. Check out our brochures. If you do not find what you want, please call us up and request a free consultation to review your requirements.

Our client library software support is second to no one, we pride ourselves in providing top quality and professional support to cover all types of libraries and librarians. Unlike some of our competitors, all our library software Upgrades are Free of Charge. 

ANS brings excellent experience and commitment to Research & Development — Our R & D team are working directly with our librarians to explore original solutions to add to our library software.

ANS has signed a tripartite Agreement with Microsoft and HP to supply library software worldwide as an 'appliance'. For many libraries in the UK, this means that libraries can claim back the cost of the hardware, the cost of the 247lib.com software, the costs of migration and the costs of implementation from the UK government.

The 247lib.com library management system is used by a varied range of libraries, and can be used by many more different types of libraries Check out your library type.

These are a few of benefits that our library software can bring to your library, if you would like a brochure, more information or a free on-site demonstration; please contact us you will hear back from us within 48 hours or telephone +44(0)1256 300790